My name is Tokeya C. Graham

( pronounced tuh-KEY-uh)... ​Born under an orange moon, I am the unwanted chosen one. Bestowed with a multitude of gifts, I offer myself up as a servant to humankind. ​I have an alter ego: SHE who stands in for me in many iterations. SHE is wife. mother. educator. poet. humanitarian. medicine woman. doula. word weaver. super hero. yup. just like that. Click to here to read more about me. 

Soulstainable Living is a movement.
A lifestyle. A philosophy.
It's a hub for restoration and self-empowerment.
Each of us is gifted with an abundance of _________.
This is a woman's space.
A place where we can let our hair down,
take our shoes off, and release.
This is a place where we
come to plant seeds of self-hood,
​sow them with songs from our spirits,
​and nurture them as they grow into our full selves.
Come fill your cup with affirming sisterhood.

Click here to view more of my accolades. 

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