Stay tuned... My autopoagraphy

(think: poetic autobiography) 

Unchained Inner She ​is coming soon...

HerSTORY...In Words and More Words

Every writer has a back story. A moment when the word became as important as breathing. When the life-giving force was punctuated by letters and sounds and periods and question marks and exclamation points and the double dash. Especially the double dash--especially. Each writer has a point of no return. When words became essential for survival. When each joining of consonant and vowel created a rush of something unlike anything ever felt before.

I know that feeling. I am writer.

Hear me. Roarrrrrr (or rawr, if you're feeling naughty).

​i write
to educate, debate,
inspire, inquire,
excite, ignite,
but mostly
i write 'cause i must.

an internal melody propels me,
to manipulate the alphabet
to state all that is me and of me
either you can choose
to hate me or love me,
but never deny me the space
to explore my cosmic connection to
26 letters that, apart,
seem insignificant—together,
their magnificence overwhelms
and consumes me.

​man, i want to make love
to the end of this poem,
make it holler and let out a moan,
make it submit and succumb
say, “oo, you the one”
make me scream my own name
when the moment is done.

Excerpt from "musings of a lower case writer" (c) 2006