She is a wonder. No wonder she wanders. We wonder whether ​she is fact or fiction. Fully. 

SHE wanders in search of her soul
Soulfully SHE searches,
aware that this is a solo trek
SHE cannot allow herself to be tricked by
the silent sorrows in her past
SHE cannot be distracted by the destruction
That dances in the darkest parts of her heart
That threatens to consume her whole self...

excerpt from "She" (c) 2014 

My name is Tokeya C. Graham ( pronounced tuh-KEY-uh)...

​Born under an orange moon, I am the unwanted chosen one. Bestowed with a multitude of gifts, I offer myself up as a servant to humankind.

​I have an alter ego: SHE who stands in for me in many iterations. SHE is wife. mother. educator. poet. humanitarian. medicine woman. doula. word weaver. super hero. yup. just like that.
​SHE BE...