In the Spirit of Ubuntu...

I am a product of the handout and the hand up. My grandmother raised me. She didn't have to. She loved me like I was born from her own womb. She didn't have to. I had the best of everything she could provide. She gave me enough and then some. I am talking about love. She always made me feel welcome. She didn't have to. I understood that very early on. She didn't have to. She never said it or acted like it. Because she took me in, I have always wanted to bless others.

Too many times, we believe that we are powerless. We believe that we cannot change the world. However, I am a witness that this is not true for many of us. 
One seemingly small gesture on behalf of someone can have a dynamic butterfly effect. We do not have to strive for waves; we can strive for ripples. These ripples may seem insignificant individually, but together they are powerful. In fact, even tiny ripples are movement. Movement matters. Movement can help folks become unstuck. Movement matters. We matter.