"What's Your Project? Charity ROCs" article

If everyone does a little, no one will have to do a lot.

- Tokeya C. Graham, Founder Charity ROCS

Charity ROCs was created in 2012 to help fill in the gaps between have not and have, between needand help. We are an online giving movement. When someone reaches out to me with a need, I post on social media and my friends and family (and their friends and family) answer the call. The community is the most important part of the movement. We post a call and you answer. Always... in all ways. Thank you for your kindness.

We have hosted many formal and informal community initiatives, including but not limited to): 

Hoodies for the Homeless

Back to School Supply Drives

Book Drive for an RCSD 1st Grade Classroom

Community Baby Shower for Teenage Mothers 

Christmas Gifts for Seniors

Food Drives

Clothing and Housing Supplies

Back to School Clothing/Shoes and Supplies Drive

Laundry and Linens Drives

Baby Shower for a Widowed Father Whose Wife Died After Childbirth

Housewares Supplies for Family Displaced by Fire